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rofl dr christian
So Dr. Christian (a British TV host) tweets how Sarah Palin scares him. I smelled blood and brought up how the hell can SHE scare him when his country has Nick Clegg in a position of power? He replied that Clegg isn't in power - which was not what I said, I said he is in a position of power, which is 100% true. I was not trying to call Dr. Christian out by any means but his statement kind of got me thinking about how people throw stones at the US when there's plenty to throw at their own governments and their own political figures.

Don't get me wrong, I don't like Sarah Palin at all. I lived in Alaska for four years, please don't think every Alaskan is like Sarah Palin! Back to my point, British politians are no better. Nick Clegg is a far scarier prospect (granted, not MUCH scarier!).

May the force be with you, meatbag.

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